Cops and Robbers and Private Eyes
Machinegunner & Thick as Thieves

Bob talks about Machinegunner & Thick as Thieves

Thick As Thieves, which starred Leonard Rossiter and won a British Television Society best regional drama award.
Then Bob and Dave did their first 90-minute drama: Machinegunner:

One reviewer called it, an unashamed movie.
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Leonard Rossiter, Thick as Thieves, Machinegunner

Machinegunner full film

Shoestring with Trevor Eve

Bob was invited by Robert Banks Stewart to write an episode of Shoestring. He then became script editor: a move towards being part of the process rather than just writing. Of Robert Banks Stewart, Bob says: Hes a very hard taskmaster and taught me a hell of a lot and Im forever grateful to him. There was such a pressure on sometimes wed have to rewrite an entire script over the weekend. But some of those total rewrites came out better than some of the ones that wed worked up for ages. Thats the way it goes.

Then came the ITV strike and Shoestring hit the top viewing figures and Bob found he was suddenly in demand.

How Bob got the job of working on Shoestring