About Bob

Bob and Dave wrote for two different Doctors, Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee. “Tom Baker was so easy to write for, you knew exactly what he would say: you could hear him saying it".


It surprises Bob when people suggest he is perhaps most revered now for creating K9. “We just put him in as a character,” Bob tells me, “and they came back to us saying they wanted to make more of him and we thought ‘ooh great: So K9 became a regular companion in the series".

One other claim to fame is that one of Bob and Dave’s Dr Who episodes had the highest viewing figures.

I’m working on a new K9 project now, it’s live action with CGI movement for K9.

Bob and Dave wrote for Dr Who for ten years and were known affectionately as "The Bristol Boys" by the production team.

King Of The Castle

They didn’t always enjoy it but it established them and got them into other things.These included a number of children’s seven-part series for HTV, including the BAFTA nominated King of The Castle, which Bob describes as “Kafka for kids”.
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Leonard Rossiter, Thick as Thieves, Machinegunner

They also wrote Thick As Thieves, which starred Leonard Rossiter and won a British Television Society best regional drama award. Then Bob and Dave did their first 90-minute drama: Machinegunner: “One reviewer called it, ‘an unashamed movie’.”